How to come to Prizba and island of Korcula?

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If you are traveling by car you can reach Korčula by feries from Split to Vela Luka, or from Orebić(on peninsula Pelješac) to Dominče(Korčula) and from Drvenik-Dominče.


A catamaran line drives from Split-Hvar-Vela Luka-Lastovo, or Split-Hvar-Prigradica-Korčula. There is also a catamaran line from Dubrovnik to Korčula more precisely Dubrovnik-Mljet-Korčula-Lastovo-Mljet-Dubrovnik. If you decide to come with catamaran to Vela Luka we can arrange a transport from the port to our apartments or make an reservation for a car or motorcycle in the local rent-a-car agency.

Nearest airports are Airport Split and  Airport Dubrovnik.

Car ferry

Car ferry to Island of Korcula

Split - Vela Luka (3 hour)
Drvenik - Dominče (2 hour)
Orebić - Dominče (15 minutes)

Catamaran (only passengers)

Catamaran for Island Korcula, Vela Luka and Prigradica

Split - Hvar - Vela Luka (1h i 45 min)
Split - Hvar - Prigradica (1h i 45 min)
Dubrovnik - Luka Šipanska - Sobra (Mljet) - Polače (Mljet) - Korčula


Bus lines on Island of Korcula

Zagreb - Split - Blato
Dubrovnik - Blato

Island bus routes are also kept by Autotrans Rijeka. There are lines like Vela Luka-Blato-Korčula and also Blato-Prigradica and Blato-Prižba. If you decide to come by bus we will arrange a free transport from Blato to our apartments.


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