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Blato a small town with 3600 inhabitants is situated at the heart of Korčula, 7 kilometars from Vela Luka. Just by entering Blato, through his longest and also main street, the place leaves you breathless. Zlinje or 1 street, sung in numerous verses, holds many secrets it lies steadily in the shade of century old linden alley. They say it's the second longest Linden alley in Europe. The first one is famous Berlin's Unter den Linden.


In the center of the place there is a large newly renovated park surrounded by a couple of squares. The most important is definitely Blatska Plokata or Pijaca , a square surrounded by the All Saints Church, bell tower and a loggia in which the old heads of the village used to convene and make important decisions. Today it is the center for most of the cultural events and the main stage of Blato Summer Festival. During the summer there is a weekly performance of the traditional sword dance Kumpanija or "the battle dance", as it is traditionally called. And if you happen to be in Blato during the beginning of August do not miss the reconstruction of the Blato's historic battle: Bitka na Giči.


Pijaca as mentioned is also the center of the Blato summer festival. Many Croatian star singers perform; also there is the Festival of klapa's of the Dubrovnik-Neretva county is held every August. Klapa is traditional Dalmatian folk singing. More about the program of Blato Summer Festival you can find on the pages of municipality Blato.


Blato also boasts of two historical exhibitions displayed in Etno House Barilo and Pizzeria Tinel thanks to the efforts of its owners who keep precious collections with over a thousand of items crafted hundreds years ago. That is a lovely start for further exploration and walks through narrow streets discovering the soul of Blato. Exploring the hidden corners you will surely come across many small churches, which wall tell different stories. To show you how a walk through Blato looks like check out our gallery. The pictures in the gallery are mostly borrowed from the cultural institution "Blatski Fižuli".  


In Blato there is also the Sanctuary of Blessed Marija of Jesus Crucified Petković. The sanctuary is in the monastery founded by the Blessed. Marija of Jesus Crucified Petković is the first beatifed Croatian women.


Blato is less than ten kilometers away from Apartments Šeparović, and as the cultural and the administrative center of Prižba it has the post office, banks, exchange office, souvenir shops, various stores, fish market, main tourist office and a lot of other objects such as an football and basketball courts and a play park for the youngest.